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    Places to See
The Belize District provides a variety of attractions for the adventurous traveler. From the colorful and bustling Belize City to the abundant waterfowl at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary to the emerald islands just offshore to the number one attraction in all of Belize, the Belize Zoo, the Belize District is a must for those visitors looking for a convenient variety of nearby attractions.

Use the links below to find out more of what to see while in the Belize District:

CARICOM Flags round-a-bout, Altun Ha Mayan Site Maya Temple at Altun Ha
Altun Ha
Archeologists believe Rockstone Pond, the literal translation for Altun Ha, was first settled somewhere around 250 BC, with construction of the buildings beginning in 100 AD and continuing throughout the Classic period that ended in the 10th century... (more)

Belize City
The first thing you want to do is forget everything you've heard about Belize City. It's really not what many of the guidebooks make it seem, and for the open-minded traveler who's looking for a genuinely fascinating city experience, Belize City delivers... (more)

jaguar and howler Monkey
Belize Zoo
Unlike most zoos that cage their animals, Belize Zoo is organized as a "walk through Belize," featuring a trail that takes you through the assortment of Belizean terrains. From pinelands to the forest ridge, the rainforest, lagoons, river forest and the forest edge, visitors are able to see the animals housed in expansive enclosures that emulate their natural habitats... (more)

Community Baboon Sanctuary
Famed and endangered Belizean native, the black howler monkey, is referred to by the local population as a baboon, hence the moniker. This private sanctuary is home to around 1500 howlers that occupy a space of about 18 square miles in the Belize River valley that you can reach on a short day trip from Belize City, just 30 miles away. (more)

manatee, Gales Point and Jabiru Stork, Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
The sanctuary provides a home and feeding ground for many of Belize's wildlife species and protect critical habitat for migratory and resident wildlife. As a wetland, it is a haven for waterbirds and during the dry season (January-June) the area becomes especially important for feeding birds. (more)

Gales Point and Ben Loman's Cave
Traveling south to Gales Point by boat from Belize City will take you upstream on Haulover Creek, through the Burdon Canal, across the Sibun River and into the Northern and Southern Lagoons. It's undoubtedly the most scenic way to reach this beautiful and hospitable little spot of land. (more)

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Cave and children at the caye
Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park
On Earth Day in 1990 Monkey Bay's tropical forests as well as its riverine and savanna habitats were officially declared a protected area. In 1994 an adjacent area of land, now called Monkey Bay National Park, was also granted protection forming a 3300-acre preserve that extends to the Sibun River. (more)

Offshore Cayes
The cayes of Belize district are a conglomeration of tiny islands full of history that mark the early settlers first attempts at colonizing the country. The most famous, St George's caye, served as a capital of sorts to the buccaneer Baymen. Once known as a place to stock up on food supplies, the island was also called Kitchen Caye. (more)

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