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Famed and endangered Belizean native, the Black Howler Monkey, is referred to by the local population as a baboon, hence the moniker. This private sanctuary is home to around 1500 howlers that occupy a space of about 18 square miles in the Belize River valley that you can reach on a short day trip from Belize City, just 30 miles away.

Community Baboon Sanctuary Museum

One of the unique and encouraging characteristics of the place is that it represents the cooperative efforts of about 140 local Creole farmers who answered the call to protect the howler monkey's habitat. Voluntarily signing conservation pledges in 1985, the sanctuary was created to protect corridors of broadleaf forests that grow the fruit and blossoms the howlers live on. Young Howler monkey at the Community Baboon SanctuaryThe population here has also been the source of new troupes of monkeys that are thriving in other parks like the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in Stann Creek.

Click Here for map of Community Baboon Sanctuary

The visitor center is in nearby Bermudian Landing and has information about the area's habitat and history as well as the flora and fauna. The reserve has also had a positive effect on other wildlife including the iguana, jaguar, ocelot, puma and the endangered Central American river turtle that's making a comeback here. The sanctuary is well known for the 200 species of birds that can be spotted at various times of the year. Permanent residents include parakeets, toucans, tanagers and parrots that live in and around the roughly 100 different species of trees that also host colorful orchids and bromeliads.

Bermudian landing and Community Baboon Sanctuary

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