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(information courtesy Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary)

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is an environmental education center that offers experiential learning programs and training opportunities while serving as a model of conservation land stewardship. The Sanctuary consists of 1,070 acres of tropical forest, riverine and savanna habitats. (Click here for a map of the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary) Monkey Bay is located in central Belize and is bordered by the Sibun River that flows from the Maya Mountains through the coastal savanna on its path to the Caribbean Sea.

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary headquarters

Specialized in hosting study abroad student groups, Monkey Bay offers a variety of experiential learning programs that are designed to meet your interests, budget and academic requirements. As we manage our own education facility and wildlife sanctuary, we are able to facilitate:

  • Environmental and cultural learning programs
  • Tropical watershed ecology field courses
  • A field research station and lodging facilities
  • Individual internships and volunteer programs
  • Village homestays and community service projects
Pine and woodland habitat at the Monkey Bay Wildlife sanctuary

Because of its central location and diverse habitats, Monkey Bay is home for a wide variety of flora and fauna. Tiger Sandy Bay Caves at the Monkey bay Wildlife SanctuaryThe 3300 acre protected area is home to a large number of exotic mammal species, including tapir, puma, jaguar, and Morelet's crocodile. Over 250 species of birds have been recorded. The sanctuary borders the Sibun River biological corridor and has documented remains of ancient Maya settlements and ceremonial caves. Come take a walk on the wild side!

Visitors are welcome to stay and use our facilities, including a natural history library with over 500 references. We offer accommodations, fresh-prepared meals and a range of learning and adventure activities throughout Belize.

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